Thursday, June 24, 2010

Shaadi awards

Please vote for your favorite in the following categories. The votes will be transparent as they will be in the comments section. No rigging here ;-)

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Golden Oldies...Yaadon ka Safar

Every family ocassion takes us on a trip down memory lane. Lots of nostalgia and a desperate urge to get those moments back. And that state of mind when standing beside one another implied unconditional love for one another...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Random shots...

Well, the wedding is over.We all get back to the grind which is a sickening thought. But thats how it goes.Hope all of you have enjoyed the blog. The latest update is that Resham is now in Chintpurni (Himachal) which is her Sasural. She is off for her honeymoon to Hong Kong on 28th.
I would have put videos of her Himachal visit in the blog. However, lets visit that place once together! It promises to be fun...Keep in touch guys! And remember, we all love each other.

Me and Donna at Manav's bash on 23rd.

At Manav's bash

At manav's bash

Pishemoshai had gone out like this to see off Resham :-)

Manav on his Pag Pher visit.


And they lived happily...

Resham walks off to her new life..congrats to both of you....may
god bless you...

Dance of Passion :-)

The folks at the reception - Hum Log

dance dance - aaja nach le

Manav and family had thrown a party for us at a place appropriatelgy called "Lagan". We sang, danced and ate to our heart's content :-)