Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Red carpet....

We will update the red carpet section as soon as I am able to get more pictures of the people missing


  1. Bonu, I love your hair...Too good...Saw some pictures in Ana's Facebook profile...Too good...Awesome...I'm lovin' it...

  2. yes indeed -
    Actually...it just occurred to me as I was reading Bubu's comments that Ankur and Donna are the 'next in line'....desperately seeking attention? ;)
    nay....just joking....
    But one thing I must say, seriously,
    Bhagyish Mishti khopa bendhechhilo - nahole bor pokkher kono 'ojana bechara' mishti ke 'next in line' bhebe boshto...phew! ;)

  3. Kuttikaki - amar ekjon irish colleague bollo tomar saree ta naki shob cheye bhalo :) boyeshe tomader shoman i hobe, jano to ;)

  4. Protyek ke khub shundor dekhachhe -
    of special mention are:
    Rum chum ke bohu din por dekhchhi, khub i bhalo laglo - both looking beautiful as always.
    Liked Babu's and Kuttikaku's get up very much - a fresh and cool (as a proper english word, and not the american-ised version) look keeping in view the Delhi heat.
    Anna has a lovely figure - considering walking the ramps at some point?