Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sagaai...the engagement

Manav impressed me with his reserved and polite nature. He has a heart warming and genuine smile and also owns a riveted Provogue sole-mate which did not escape my attention ;-)Welcome to the family Manav!

Resham's inlaws put all kinds of ornaments on her and the fact that they did it with a lot of affection was evident.

There were gifts given from our side to all Resham's inlaws. The ones for the elders were packed in customary Tauttos - an item of clothing and some cash for each - and there were cash prizes for all children!

Contrary to the original plan, yours truly had to change his wardrobe for the ocassion when the order of the day (among males) seemed to be smart casuals/semi-formals. On second thoughts, that was not a bad idea, given the Delhi heat. So I finally unleashed my Armani Jeans/Tee combo and my newly acquired "sole-mate" from Provogue. In all that excitement I ended up having a bad hair day (refer pictures).

Now moving on to the supporting cast! And boy! they could make any red carpet proud. Donna looked ravishing in a Red Banarasi with chic accesories and a huge red Bindi ( a ala Bipasha in Shob Choritro...). The K Serial viragos can go take a swim! Malavika carried off the Parineeta/Devdas look with elan. Bumba was his usual blue-jeans-black-tee self and looked in total command of the situation - especially when he was caught denying his better half ice-cream and coke ;-) Ankur had another great hair day (The Ronaldo look) and looked dapper in semi formals. Bittu sported the same semi-formal look and carried it off well. The elders were all in newly acquired Sarees (Nalli seems to be the flavor of this marriage) and the men in cool formals.

Food was excellent - enough to satisfy the taste buds and yet not too much.
Oh lil sis looked like a divine Goddess (which she is not!) But seriously, isnt she awesome? I did throw her quite a few flying kisses!

The videos come next. Watch this space.

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  1. wow!! the both the bride an groom look amazing - albeit sans smiles....anxious/tense?...
    but nyways - Reshi is beautiful and so is the saree. Yes indeed, the inlaws appear so loving and affectionate - made us feel happy 'bout this aspect. Everyone looks good - although Bonu beats all - looks like a 'Santhal' beauty (ringed flat nose and all) :) was that Misti's wedding benarasee?
    nyways - shall look forward for more... keep enjoying and keep posting!
    love -