Thursday, June 24, 2010

Shaadi awards

Please vote for your favorite in the following categories. The votes will be transparent as they will be in the comments section. No rigging here ;-)

Style Icon
Best ethnic dress (male, female,elders)
Best looker (male, female, elders)
Best photo (among those uploaded)
Best video (Among ones uploaded)


  1. Style Icon-bonu pishi
    Best ethnic dress (Male)-lal dadu

  2. From the data provided in this space, I would say:
    style icon - Anna
    best ethnic dress - pishemoshai (male), Bonu (female)
    best looker - bonu and anna - tie (female)
    best photo - Pishemoshai's 'one slipper-ed' legs.
    best video - kaku and Tushi dancing on sangeet day

  3. style icon - ana
    best ethnic dress - ankur, bonu and pishemoshai
    best looker - ana, bonu and ankur
    best photo - totally agree with didda!
    best video - kaki, kaku, chuni kaku dancing in manav's bash